Going at it alone, it may feel like you’ll be lucky to find a decent place. We make the process about finding the right place.

Our experts do thorough research and find all the rental homes that fit your unique needs and wants.  They work exclusively for you until you have happily signed a lease.

We make the process of finding the right place easy and fun for you. We know property owner & landlords and what they want in a tenant.  Don’t lose time wondering why your offer was rejected. We are here to make your offer competitive and facilitate your success. We provide the tools to stack the deck so you don’t lose the place you want.

See what our clients say about our services to get a more complete picture of how we can help you.

“It was wonderful working with Betty and the whole Relocation Breakthroughs team.  We had such a short time to find a great place, and your service helped put our mind at ease and get us into a lease at a place we love.  Highly recommended.”

Rich Fulkerson
Patient Keeper
San Francisco
Betty Granoff and Robbie Christian, Rental Specialists

“In the toughest market, we were shocked how easy Robbie made finding the exact kind of place we wanted–we even got a deal on the price!  I can’t imagine having done this without her.”


Hannah Sachs
Bayshore Global
San Francisco
Robbie Christian, Rental Specialist

“Excellent. We really enjoyed working with Marian; she gave us a great overview of the area neighborhoods and helped us find the perfect place. We would have had a hard time without her!”

Warren Nisley
East Bay
Marian Huntoon, Rental Specialist

“Samir and I were very, very pleased with Carol’s services.  She was so pleasant and wonderful, and man does she do her homework.  She paid attention to everything we were looking for (down to writing down bus routes to the day care and work for us ahead of time).  She was also so aggressive in making sure we saw as many places as we could in one day.  Thank you for making our relocation so seamless!”

Saira Najam
San Francisco
Carol Grainger, Rental Specialist

“We used Relocation Breakthroughs to help with the apartment hunt in San Francisco, having moved to the US from the UK. Our original plan had been to manage the search ourselves, but the prospect of having to compete with locals in a fiercely competitive market we were unfamiliar with (and explain a bi-national couple with non-traditional jobs to potential landlords) led us to consider a real estate service.


By the time we arrived in San Francisco, Robbie already had a shortlist of potential places to show us. We went out for a jam-packed day of viewings (I think we saw nine places in one day) which we simply couldn’t have achieved if left to navigate an unfamiliar city on our own. Even better, each drive was more like a guided tour, with Robbie’s obvious knowledge of the city helping her point out the best stores, cafes, butchers, bakeries, restaurants, parks, and more as we made our way from place to place. When we asked if we could drive back through areas we were particularly keen on, it was no problem at all. She also had plenty of advice for dealing with individual agents at each apartment, many of whom she had known and worked with for years (sometimes getting us an early viewing of a property not yet on the public market as a result).
At the end of the first day, having seen places in different parts of the city so we could compare what we’d get for our money in various locations (as well as if we spent less) Robbie helped us put in an application. She then kept in contact with both us and the managing agent, giving us regular updates so as to help put our jetlagged minds at ease, until we signed the paperwork just 48 hours after initially viewing the apartment.


Even after that point, Robbie stuck with us, offering to ferry us over from our hotel with all our luggage, and then helping us figure out everything we had to do with utilities, recycling, etc. in the new place. While we were with her she got several messages from previous clients with questions about their respective lives in the city, and every time she promised to get back to them (when she wasn’t with us) to help out.  We’ve no doubt that, had we attempted to do all this ourselves, we’d have ended up spending much longer in a hotel while we hunted around, and found ourselves at the mercy of explaining our situation to potential landlords more interested in getting the easiest tenants than considering us.”


Chris Davies
San Francisco
Robbie Christian, Rental Specialist

“My situation was unusual because I am in New York and trusted Jim and my niece to find me a house to rent…. It’s rare that someone listens as carefully as Jim does and is as thorough as he was in choosing what to view and evaluating each house. My niece found him to be warm and knowledgeable as well. I’m impressed, too, with his follow-through every step of the way…. He was meticulous in his representations to me, the owner and the owner’s agent. I relied on his judgment to negotiate the lease. Thanks to all of you for helping make my return to California a magical journey.”


Andrea Johnston
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Girls Speak Out
Jim Adams, Rental Specialist

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